Thursday, June 7, 2012

Stuff I Dig in the Summer with a Toddler and Preschooler Edition.

I haven't done a post like this in a while and the last one I did was weird and wasn't finished. So here goes.

1- Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Seaside Sidekicks Sand Cupcake Set- Little got this for her fourth birthday and it was one of the best gifts she got. I picked it up at Toys R'Us at the last minute and boy am I glad. The entire time we were at the beach this was THE toy for both of the girls to play with together. I loved that they COULD play as a team and for kids that love to play kitchen this is a great way to take it outdoors. I also love the mesh bag this came with to hold all the parts and get rid of the sand. Well, as much as you can get rid of sand.

Yum. Sand Cupcakes.

2- Rock-A-Bye Baby- We got our first CD from this series from Baltimore Uncle for Christmas but this entire series has been awesome. If we don't have our CDs and CD player with us you can find the channel on Pandora. Again BOTH of the girls fall asleep to this and it is entertaining and relaxing enough that it doesn't drive me crazy over the monitor.

Every time I turn on Pandora this is on.

3- Gymboree Cotton Shorts and Tanks- WARNING I do NOT recommend these at full price. Actually I recommend nothing at full price BUT right now, like, this very minute these are on sale for $5.99 which IS CHEAPER THEN TARGET. AND I ALWAYS recommend stuff that is high quality and cheaper then Target. They are super comfortable (so I am told) and wash really well.

This one is Tiny's

4- Weleda Calendula Shampoo and Body Wash- Tiny still has very sensitive skin and everything that I tried to use on her body and hair would give her either dry skin or cradle cap. Then I found this. I ordered it through Amazon and it has been a miracle wash. Now that it is summer and both girls are spending time in the sun and outside I am using it on both kids and it keeps them moisturized but not oily or lotiony feeling. Love it and it is hippie-ish enough that it makes my top ten of all time.

 5- Tovolo Pink Star Ice Pop Mold- I DON'T OWN THIS...yet. I am stalking them on Amazon. I want them. Bad. I think the girls would love this and I am really excited about the thought of not have empty plastic Flav-O-Ice wrappers everywhere. Oh and I can make them healthy ice pops, yeah, that sounds good too.

6- Mindy Kaling's Book- The title is too long for me to type out. I read this book because last year I Read Tina Fey's book Bossypants and I LOVED it. I figured, like most people, ohhh another really funny lady wrote a book. I also thought I needed to read something other than cheesy romance novels and Fifty Sades of Grey this year. It was good. Not quite Tina Fey good or Christian Grey good but a good light summer read. (Disclaimer: Mindy's book was actually MUCH better as far as writing technique in comparison to Fifty. And anyway, I only read Fifty for the articles.)

I dig Kelly Kapoor in general.

7- Sidewalk Chalk- SO my goal with the girls this summer is to be outside playing for at least an hour every single day. So far we are rocking this plan. As we rock so many things we do. Every afternoon after snack and nap we have been going outside until it is time to cook dinner. Another one of my very important goals is to have the girls play together as much as possible and as peacefully as possible this summer. They are both at an age were they like to PLAY and this is something of which I am taking full advantage. Any game or toy that allows them to play together and be age appropriate for both is a winner in my book.

8- This is a hard one. I have something in mind but because I am an Independent Consultant I will not mention cause I won't self promote on this page. BUT it is something that I have used everyday the past two weeks and I really do love it. See some mystery is good.

9-Countrytime Lemonade- I know I should be making my own. AND I know this is full of all kinds of sugary and chemically evilness. Bad Mommy. But it is caffeine free and if I am cutting all sodas out of my house I need to have a little fun. Per the label it is the "Great Taste of Summertime" how can a girl argue with that. Oh and I checked and it's made by KRAFT not NESTLE so it can be ALL evil now can it?

10- Step 2 Wagon For Two- I love this general. Little got it for her second birthday after we found out that Tiny was on the way. I figured it would be great someday to have. My someday is now! The wagon is getting some miles on it and is holding up well. It has now made trips to the zoo and the beach. The girls stay put and sit in the back and talk and giggle while we walk along. One of the best nights of our beach trip was a long romantic walk on the beach where BG and I really got to talk and hold hands.....and drag Little and Tiny behind us. They had a ball and we got to have an adult conversation without the phrase "Mommy I gotta tell you something".

Ours is red and cooler then this.

There it is guys. Some fun stuff.

OH The thing I HATE right now.....


It's not funny Male Cruiser. Not. Funny.
You should NEVER give a microphone to a child who is only quiet when she sleeps. It only makes her louder and for some reason LOUDER=LESS PATIENCE FOR MOMMY. Hm. Seriously, I love her and I love that she is smart and creative. I just don't ALWAYS need her miked.

Tryin' to find a hidin' place for a certain birthday gift,

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