Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Time for a Tiny Rant From BEs.

Why must Tiny empty every wipes container and tissue box in the house? She has plenty of toys. She has a sister to annoy. Yet, she seeks out tissue boxes and wipe packs to empty. Now you might be thinking something like "Dumb BE just stop her! You are the adult aren't you?" Yeah...apparently you have no children. Or YOUR children aren't Ninjas like mine. I'll take my Ninjas any day.

Yes I Re-stuffed them...They cost money!

Rant Over!
BE Out!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Reason I Am Anti-Social Right Now AKA The River of Green

You haven't seen me in weeks. You haven't really seen my children much either. Maybe once a week and really we all know that's nowhere near enough. You are in Blue Eyes family withdrawal.

The reason? Something I call "The River of Green" with no affection at all. Yes, this is a post about snot, boogers, the green gold, etc. It is currently coming out of all four of our noses and Tiny's ears. Yes, EARS. That is the beauty of tubes in the ears. You can still get the infection BUT it COMES OUT. The first time Little had an infection after her tubes I called the Pediatrician in hysterics because it was bloody. BLOOD WAS COMING OUT OF HER EARS! Guess what? NORMAL. So here I am with tissues literally surrounding me (Tiny got a hold of the box ) and I want to go out. I miss my friends. But every time we leave this house I end back at the pediatrician and although we love Dr. Singleman like she is a long lost member of the family, I really need to not owe more of my pay check back to my employer. ( How crappy does that sound, right?)

Look Close....Boogies.

 I am not saying you are making my family sick. Let's be very clear about that. I am saying we will infect you. We are Patient Zero and Typhoid Mary. We generate the snot here and I am very greedy with our magical snot. How else will I get my ears to do that snap*crackle*pop* thing they have almost perfected.

They have been at school. Can't do anything about that. I think the Panther's Fan needs her rest from wiping uncooperative noses. They have been at choir. (Although I have been using that time to work later because of the Dr appointments). I did let them hang out with the Female Cruiser yesterday. (She's been snotty too. Sorry Mom.)  And then there is AL the babysitter. The girls love AL and just want to share the magic snot with loved ones. She covered a jury duty last week and a date night.Thanks AL!

Speaking of the date night.....we had not been out alone together since August. Oy. The romance. It was our Valentine's-type day. I also realized that two years ago this month we became pregnant with Tiny. I have not had a solid nights sleep in officially two years now. Ok, back to the snot.

We will see you soon. I really am disappointed there was no snow this winter but I am ready for spring and the annual drying up of The River of Green. This year has brought the wonderfulness of Tiny mimicking the way Little blows her nose.....HILARIOUS.

Naked Yucky Face Boogers <3

 Sick and tired of all the sick and tired,

Friday, February 10, 2012


Boy did i miss you and all your wonderfulness. I warned you things were getting busy. Tiny is walking and that alone is enough to keep this Momma running...especially since the girl Just.Won't. Watch.TV. (I am only half kidding on that one)

So I missed you. I am going to have to work my way back in slooooowly. Just enjoy the knowledge that I am here.BG is here and the Little and Tiny girls are here and raring to provide you all with some giggles. Unless you are The Male Cruiser,in which case there are only big manly laughs, no giggles.

Feelin Like The Terminator-