Saturday, October 29, 2011

Hard Hats are Hot?

This morning is the last time I am going to get to sleep in for a while. It is 8 AM and I am wide awake writing this. I am not amused at the irony. I think part of the problem is that Little is watching Busytown Mysteries in the den at almost top volume.

I have wonderful news people...BG is no more!

Hehehe I tricked you! I am not getting rid of BG! HE is getting rid of the BUSES! He gave his notice Friday and in a week he will be starting a new job...ONE THAT DOESN'T TRAVEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am beyond excited to have my love staying home. For the purposes of this blog he will remain "BG" cause I think it is cute and I have taken to occasionally calling him that out loud. I am so proud of him and he is really looking forward to this job...he gets to wear a hard hat... That's almost like a uniform right? Love me a uniform. So Congrats to my Lovie and yay for an extra set of hands around here.....Boooo for waking up at  5 AM to get to work.

Happy Birthday to The Female Cruiser! It was yesterday and she said she wasn't going to celebrate but the Male Cruiser took her out for Mexican. I have noticed that if The Cruisers go out to eat they always head for Mexican...hmmmmmm  wonder why? Are they getting their stomachs acclimated so when they head for the boarder and abandon all of us it isn't a devastating shock to their systems? To steal a phrase from The Male Cruiser "I highly doubt it." I think they just like it and they can drink Dos Equis and Margaritas.Yum Margaritas.

So on Tuesday I completely blanked about a check up Tiny had for her ears. I called and rescheduled and it was no big deal. Did not get charged because it was my first "no show". Few days later I get a postcard in the mail telling me: " If we do not hear form you, we will document the appointment as a no show." That is not a typo on my part. It does say form. Now, I know that when write this blog there are spelling and grammatical mistakes. I also write as I speak so it is very informal. BUT THIS POSTCARD GOES OUT TO PATIENTS OF A BUSINESS. Just sayin'. After I called and rescheduled I got the postcard telling me to reschedule and a phone call telling me to reschedule. By the time I got the postcard Tiny had already been in the office and we were told her ears were fine. Maybe they need to quit with the Margaritas.

The Traveling Great Grandparents should be here tonight if they don't have weather problems on the way know all that snow and stuff AND so the week of craziness begins.

The family is stirring....Get me a Margarita! Not really.


Monday, October 24, 2011

My Kid Doesn't Play With Three Year Olds. She's Friends With The NFL.

Little is amazing. She literally amazes me sometimes. I know she is mine but after this post you might wish she was yours.

She met Ron Rivera tonight, as in the coach of the Carolina Panthers, yeah, that guy. He sat down next to her and they talked. I am not sure if this was before or after she crawled into Byron Bell's lap and hung out with him for a bit. She says "I'm not afraid of that giant guy". He is 6 foot 5 inches and weights 339 lbs. He is a giant guy. My three year old isn't afraid of him. I think part of her bravery is just from being three but somewhere in my 27 year old mind just can't believe it. I am proud. Yeah, my kid is friends with NFL players.


Giant Guy

Saturday was long and chock full of memories. Tiny had her first trip to the Pumpkin patch and Little had her last soccer game of the season.

For Little is was incredible to look back at her first game and how much she has grown in the last month or so. She didn't play at all her first game but in her last game she was on the field most of the game. she even made some kicks and is really looking forward to next season. She is all about the trophy and we have a banquet next week. After the game we had pancakes at McDonald's with the team.

Little had to pee. Male Cruiser was on Tiny duty.

We then headed home to change Little out of the soccer gear and pack up a picnic lunch. We headed over to the pumpkin patch. I thought we were just there to pick some pumpkins eat some lunch and run around. Tiny decided we were there to eat dirt. AND pine needles.  The girls picked out pumpkins which we are going to carve this weekend with The Traveling Great Grandparents who are coming into town. I also picked up some tiny pumpkins for a Tiny Party. The Male Cruiser joined us, taught Little about pumpkins and strawberries, took some great pictures, and bought the girls some chocolate. Like a good Male Cruiser does. We had a great time and now you have to look at more pictures of my children because I said so.

Tiny Girl

Little Girl

Learning with The Male Cruiser.

We stopped buy a Halloween party for a bit and then headed over to drop Little with The Cruisers for the night. We stayed and had pizza, cupcakes, and a fire. Then BG, Tiny, and I headed home for some much needed sleep. Little stayed up. UNTIL 2 AM. Poor Cruisers and Unc. HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE, oh sorry.

I joined our church Sunday morning and Mario's Mommy sat with us during service. I loved the sign language during How Great Thou Art and the hand bells played You Will Know We are Christians. I totally got drafted for the contemporary choir, they need and alto, yep that's me! ...I am seriously thinking about it. I haven't sung much since college but I am thinking about it.....

So then it's Monday...I hate Monday....but I Looove you my readers. Sorry it's been kinda crappy with me not writing and all but I have good reasons. I am super excited about this weekend and the next two weeks...MY BaBaBAAAAAYY-BBBEEEEEE is turning ONE!!!!!!! I have so many feelings about that...don't EVEN get me started. I am proud that we have now made it to one year breastfeeding ( You knew i was gonna have to throw that in here somewhere)  I am only slightly stressed about the party. I will be significantly more stressed if BG doesn't get my fall decorations out of the storage building before he leaves town. He leaves tomorrow. He is currently watching Rambo .....yeah.

'Bout to go Rambo on some hind end,


Friday, October 21, 2011

This Moment- Growing In Her Sleep

{this moment} – A Friday ritual.  A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week.  A simple, special, extraordinary moment.  A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.  If you’re inspired to do the same, leave a link to your “moment” in the comments for all to find and see.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Soft Kitty and It May Not Snow

First of all...Happy BG is Sick Now Day! Well it's not happy but that was just my semi-not at all-hilarious way of telling you BG is on the Vom Com now. Second of all.... I MUST HAVE THIS:

It is an all-consuming need!


Today Little has been going on and on and on about how it snows at Christmas. Last year it did BUT that is soooooooooo not the norm around here. I am trying to break it to her gently that it may not snow at Christmas this year and what the crap is she doing talking about Christmas now when first we have The-Female-Cruiser's-and-Baltimore-Uncle's-Birthday-then-Halloween-then-Tiny's-birthday-then-Thanksgiving-THEN-CHRISTMAS. She just wants it to snow. I just want it to stop being 50 degrees then almost 90 every other day so people can get over all this crap around here. I also want to stop getting the American Girl catalog. It is just not fair.

Tiny is in a crappy mood and just won't lay down so this is it for today. Sorry if it disappoints. (Also sorry I used the word crap so must be the state of mind)



Sunday, October 16, 2011

A PLAGUE on both your houses! Oh! Not yours, you say, Well then. A PLAGUE on my house!

Last week sucked. There is no better way to say it. It sucked. Big time. Sunday and Monday nights Tiny threw up but it was a kinda sorta snotty throw up and she had an ear infection in both ears so I was like " big deal". Tuesday and Wednesday morning flew by in a haze of Tiny puke, poop, and pediatric appointments. At which time Little started. Wednesday, after Little graced The Panthers Fan's living room with her lunch, I started to have that oh so awful feeling. The scary part: I DON'T REMEMBER THURSDAY AT ALL. BG was out of town and I remember talking to him Wednesday night begging him to come home, which he couldn't, and I know I called The Panthers Fan to come get the kids Thursday morning and then The Cruisers to relieve The Panthers Fan. BUT THAT IS ALL. SCARY! Really it was what my body needed.

On the way to get gas tonight (so I don't run out on the way to work tomorrow) I was thinking about this post.....but I think I have forgotten most of it. OOOOHHHHHH! I remember some of it !

So, On Friday when I didn't want to crawl up and sleep for 24 hours but I still couldn't make it out of my bed. I did a few thing that are a little odd for me  and considered something I would have never considered if I wasn't dehydrated and hallucinating. I. WATCHED. Sister Wives !!!! I watched 2 seasons while I dozed in and out and let me tell you...if that man wasn't so into having so many babies I would so be a sister wife....well sick me would have. And sick me even told BG that if he found another wife who liked to clean up the various bodily fluids that we were blessed with this week then I would be cool with the marriage "ceremony" happening NOW.  For some reason he didn't think I was serious. But he was out of town. I NEEDED a sister wife this week. Now that I am feeling a little better....I think if she cooks, cleans, AND deals with vom & poo THEN she's our girl. We are now accepting applications. Not really. Stay away from my BG Dude.

AND THANK YOU TO THE PANTHERS FAN AND THE CRUISERS FOR HELPING WITH THE NASTINESS AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!!! Really, we are so thankful for your help. Please please please say you read my blog.

I also watched Toddler & Tiaras on Saturday. Now looking back I blame that on Netflix. IIIIIIIIII would have NEVER...well maybe. The bad thing about that show is it makes you feel just a little bit crazy. At one point BG walked into the bedroom and started to talk to me about something. I then led him into a conversation about how " blah blah is so mean to blah and really she isn't that much cuter and blah is such a B to blahdiddy blah blooo" UUUGGGGGGGHHHH HELP ME ! BG rolled his eyes and started to leave...but he paused for just a minute while it sucked him in a bit.....then he turned and ran. I am so proud he could do what I, in my weakened state, could not.

Now that I am out of bed and feeling stronger I hope I can abstain from some TLC/Netflix evil conspiracy shows for a bit. The conspiracy of course being you turn evil, love rhinestones, become a sister wife, and have 20 kids (and counting) because TLC/Netflix needs even more reality shows about such things. Bah!

You notice there are no pictures this post. I do have a pic on my phone of the stool sample kit the doctor gave me to obtain a sample from Tiny's diaper. I sent it in a text to BG so he could share the experience. I will NOT do the same for you, dear reader. Be grateful. I missed you all and hope our plague really doesn't fall on your houses.

Back to Life,


Sunday, October 9, 2011

Some Out Takes From Our Photo Shoot

So today was our photo shoot with The Male Cruiser. We did end up with some really great shots but here are some of the funnier things he caught !

Snoozing Tines

Picking Grass From Her Toes

Dancing Girl

Now you See Me
Now You Don't

Lovey Bubbles

Mad Tiny

Our Family
Hope you enjoyed them :) The "real" pictures will be part of another post. Also there are some on the "more about me" page!



Saturday, October 8, 2011

Yeah I Rocked Some Tutus Today.

Ok so today I kicked some tutu rear. Tiny and Little are now the proud owners of tutu dresses. and the "Look how cute these turned out " blog post is a day early. Well it will be if Tiny chills on the gym-nurse-tics and lets me type. The photo shoot is on for tomorrow after the Panthers game and church. I am going to have the male cruiser do some of both of them and some of Tiny in her birthday tutu. Little's is part of her "Dancing Witch" Halloween costume. So here are a crazy bunch of pics! Yay!

The Materials

Tiny's Tutu Cut

BG Helping While Tiny was Nursing

One Down!

Beautiful Tiny

Little Tutu Cut

Workin' on a Tutu


Little Dancing
So take that Rachael Ray! You make be able to cook and say things like "EVOO" but I made some kick-rear tutus today.

And I'm Feeling Good,


Friday, October 7, 2011

This Moment- The Cruisers 28 Years Ago

{this moment} – A Friday ritual.  A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week.  A simple, special, extraordinary moment.  A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.  If you’re inspired to do the same, leave a link to your “moment” in the comments for all to find and see.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

"A charming woman is a busy woman".- Loretta Young

I am having Blog-drawls (just made that word up) and I know you miss us too. Riiiiihgt? We have had a super busy two weeks and I have so much to tell you. So I am going to make a list because I like lists.

1- Soccer Games- plural. As in two games. We had a game on Saturday and a make up game on Tuesday. On Saturday the Ninjas were clobbered by ginormous 4 year old mega kids. Let me tell you ...these kids knew plays and two of 'em were acting as unofficial goalies. There is no GOAL TENDING in 3-4 year old SOCCER. SO NOT COOL. The Cruisers both made it to that game and Little was soooo happy to have The Male Cruiser there. Tuesday's game was fun and seemed quick. Little even got a few kicks in and was very well behaved.

Little and Mario

2-Booger Season- The season of the crusty nose has officially started in my house. Every year about this time the little noses at our house start to crust over and somehow every year I manage to forget about this until it happens again. I think I somehow block it out of my memory. I will have tissues everywhere I go for the next 4-5 months. SO if you need one hit me up...I got ya.

Little and The Male Cruiser

3-Tiny is 11 Months old! - That means I am officially 3 months behind planning her 1st birthday party. I do have some ideas and this WILL happen but at this point in Little's party planning I had almost completed the handmade napkin rings.

4-MY BIG PROJECT- Tutus. Two of them. To be completed this weekend. I have to get them done NOW. I have to do the "photo shoot" for Tiny's birthday invites ASAP. So start your clocks people I should be posting a "Look how cute these Tutus turned out" post by Sunday night.

Tutu Makings

5-K and Baby M-My friend from work had her little boy this week! Congrats to K & K on the birth of one of the most handsome baby boys ever! Little can't wait to meet him and Tiny is just so glad to have a friend to drool on......

Baby M!

6-Speaking of drooling....TINY IS GETTING THREE TEETH AT ONCE.  At least one of them is on the bottom! This is contributing greatly to my lack of sleep and lack of motivation here lately.

Mean Tiny Face

7-OOOH! And Little started gymnastics after school on Wednesdays. She says her favorite part is jumping on the trampoline. Between soccer, choir, and gymnastics she is one busy little Little but I would rather have her busy then bored.

8-BG has been home for a week and I love it. I love having an adult to speak to at night and I love having an extra set of hands. He is cute too.

What BG Do...

9-I went to the eye Dr for a check up and she says that my eye has healed up nicely. My vision continues to suck. The Dr did say that when I need bifocals we can lessen my prescription some....HEHEhahaha She is such a HOOT! HEHEHEHEHE ...oh wait ....she's serious...bifocals.....crap!


So basically that's an overview on what's been up around here. And really I can only remember an overview so that's all you get.

Not Lyin' 'bout bein' Busy,