Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thanksgiving Was Great.

Thanksgiving. WOW it has been almost two weeks since we came back into town. Going away and coming back with no washer machine has really been a challenge but luckily The Cruiser's Wash-N-Fluff has been open for business. Which means I have been spending a few days a week at their house.

We had a great time camping. Here are some pictures. Camping on Thanksgiving is AWESOME! Here.

Fancy Dinner Time

Ummmm K

Tiny Turkey

Tines and The Male Cruiser

I swear there are kids in there

Tiny's 1st Time Camping
I really really can't remember much of what happened other then I did read three books on the Kindle.Yay! Hmmm maybe that's why I can't remember....

Tryin' To Catch Up !