Friday, June 8, 2012

So Sweet When They Sleep

Last night before I headed to bed I wrote the title to this post. I was going to talk about how great the girls have been sharing a room and how well Tiny transitioned from our bed to her crib a few months ago. Then just as I was turning off my computer and heading to the bedroom. I hear "Mom! I am thirsty!" This is at 12:45 AM.

It was Little. I got her a drink and sent her back to her room. Five minutes later Tiny starts screaming. Little woke Tiny up because she wanted someone with whom to talk. Tiny figured out she didn't like being in the crib and started complaining, loudly. I tried taking Little out of the room, tried nursing Tiny, and tried laying very very still and praying for them to drift peacefully to sleep. Finally at around 2:30 AM. Everyone was back asleep.

Lesson. Learned. Never take months and months of peaceful all night quietness for granted. AND never try to write a blog post bragging about sleep at bedtime.

Is it nap time yet?


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