Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My daughter is Rapunzel. After Flynn gave her a haircut.

There is so much going on right now. We are about to make some very big changes in our lives and we are very excited for the next few months. I am currently trying to do some things for my side business, work 40 hours at work, clean the house, pack us all up for a mini-vacation, and turn 28. Ok let's stop right there and think about that for a minute. Yes, I will be 28. In.Five.Days.

Little has been having some little issues with behavior. Nothing that will send me running to the nearest behavioral specialist with her but she is having a bit of what I am calling " A transitional attitude issue". She is almost four. Four in May. And a girl. It's ok. Ummmm well... it will be ok.

We went for haircuts yesterday because we wanted to look pretty for the upcoming holiday and because Little's neck was starting to hurt from trying to see under her bangs.  Little has never had a big haircut and I decided since she won't let me do anything with her hair I was going to have Cappy the hairdresser take it all off. So up Little hops into the chair and Cappy starts chopping away ( In a highly professional, not all all "choppy" way) and then my daughter proclaims "I want to be RAPUNZEL". I informed her that she would look like Rapunzel after Flynn chopped off her hair and this seemed ok. Until this morning. After she got dressed she hands me two rubber hair ties and informs me she wants a ponytail. UUCkkkgggggg. She has a SHORT THIN CHIN LENGTH BOB. I remind her that her hair is short and we will now need to wait for it to grow out. MELT DOWN. Not a normal three year old meltdown. This is what I imagine a four year old meltdown will be. It even included the silent treatment and selective hearing. Oy. I survived. I WILL survive all of this. I MUST. I would show you a picture of how ridiculously cute she looks right now but she's asleep and I will NOT be waking her.

We also took Tiny for a little mullet patrol. Tiny is still my awesome Ninja of love, joy, and toddler stomping cuteness. Tiny's hair is curling in the back. Tiny loves to sing. And eat. And beat the crap out of her sister. Tiny has opinions. Most of them involve not sitting still. I don't have any good recent pictures of Tiny's haircut either. I am a slacker. I PROMISE I will TRY to take some pictures of the kids. Maybe BG too. He's cute. And 31 which makes me feel better about almost being 28. some BG.


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